Well, how it all started ...

I bought an I3, after 1.5 years I needed a bigger milage. I was way too lazy to study the principals of this car. I simply thought it would be just easier to find someone who’s going to do the upgrade for me. Unfortunately, I was wrong ... while doing my research, I literally got to the hell and didn’t get anywhere. All I was left with was to learn everything from the basics. So, here I am. Since I now know how it all works, I'm keen, happy, and willing to help others who want to make their cars better by replacing their basic factory fitted batteries.
I managed to build a professional workshop, originally designed only to repair old veteran cars. During the construction however, I found out that it will also be a good idea to re-purpose it for the battery upgrades. I bought all the necessary equipment for disassembly & reassembly of the HV batteries. Had to buy all the tools and jigs needed to work on the new air conditioning circuits with the special refrigerant r1234yf.
And the result ... Here I’m for you... I can upgrade the batteries in BMW I3 cars.